Vintage memories

Sunday, January 22, 2012
Another part of my lost-and-found photos I've made few years ago. That time I was living in the Netherlands and Poland and got first ideas about this blog - unfortunately I didn't have time to make it then. Now it's high time for those creations to be presented :) They perfectly show my fondness to vintage and retro photography and their kinds (warm photo filters, cherry light flash, old lenses), therefore they are very sentimental - a stop motion impression :)

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A glimpse of summer...

Friday, January 20, 2012
It's snowing outside and melting at the same time. The wind reaches 100 km/h this evening. Not quite a weather I like. My husband has lit the fireplace and we're trying to stay warm. That's why I started to browse photos I've made in our garden and on the meadow in summer. I remember I was about to create some kind of a vintage collection of them. Well, I forgot about them and now I found the folder. Here are just few of them- to remind you summer:

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Retro business-card boxes

Thursday, January 19, 2012
The last creation of 2011 I wished to publish earlier but I went for vacation to the Netherlands. Now I'm back with mind full of new ideas and I already announce a new kind of jewelry which will be presented very soon! Meanwhile - as I mentioned in my previous post - I start with Hipstamatic photography and decided to use it with my handicraft creations...

For the very first attempt I present the-end-of-the-year retro business-card boxes made using decoupage technique, shabby-chic and crackle. For those I used two famous classic portraits: the blue one is the portrait of Princess Marie Adelaide of France by (probably) Perronneau. The red one is the portrait of Lucretia Panciatichi by Agnolo di Cosimo (Bronzino):

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After New Year changes...

Tuesday, January 10, 2012
Arsenic and old lace goes Hipstamatic a bit!

I decided to use Hipstamatic software for my I-Phone to improve retro feeling of my blog. Not all will be Hipstamatic since the beginning of 2012 but I'll be using this kind of media very often I think. I'm still in progress of knowing it better and surely my creations with Hipstamatic camera software won't be perfect but I hope I'll learn it and use it properly. Started with it during my winter vacation and can't stop ;)

Anyway - take care and all the best in 2012!

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