Vintage capsules

Friday, September 30, 2011
There was the time I didn't have access to wooden easter-eggs for decoupage because they were very rare in internet shops and became quickly out of stock. Now they can be found almost everywhere where handicraft supplies are being sold. But if you don't have your material to work with - you simply create it out of other things and do what you can. It was also the time when my father was very sick so we were visiting him in hospital often. From that days I've gotten many of those disposable shoe-pads you use in the hospital to walk around without dirtying anything. They all were made of wrapping film and put into colorful capsules you could have obtained from vending machines. I counted 23 of those capsules stored in my place and decided to do something of them. I still had some tissue scraps and other remnants, so I've created my own ball-shaped eggs ;)

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Pastel roses

Friday, September 23, 2011
A quick view of decoupage'd pastel project I've made as an addition to romantic bedroom however it's been already taken away from me ;) Fortunately I still have some more of those tissues and I can produce more boxes...

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Glamour black and white

Thursday, September 15, 2011
I didn't post for some time due to lack of time, however I'm coming back with new ideas. As the very first project I've made a glamour black and white set for which I used one of popular motives - lace-looking tissue print. It's available in many colors but high black and white contrast seems to be the best:

I chose the middle one to create something eclectic and elegant and that something appeared to be: two big and two small jewelry boxes, perfect for glamour or victorian monochrome sets:

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