Content, photos, arts and heading art in this blog
© Kinga de Jongh 2012

▪ An old photo (ca. 1900.) used in heading art belongs to public domain and is taken from a free scrapbooking photo-pack titled Scrap_Retro. Author unknown.

Free blog template: Emplode © Viktor Persson - Arcsin Webagency. Adapted and modified for techinical requirements of this blog by Kinga de Jongh.

▪ In case of using data with a different origin - I always add an information about author/contributor and a contact link to him/her. If I quote text or other data of not mine authorship, I ask an author for permission before publishing. In case of my work - I require the same from others.

▪ I do not upload any multimedia files directly onto blog's server. Blog capacity is used for my own photography & art purposes and for photos of products I've used which serve only demonstrative intentions.

▪ If I share my inspirations as media - videos and other - I always embed them with a proper link and information about the source.

According to Copyright Law of my country :

Copying, modifying, selling, publishing and using in any other way a part or whole data of this blog (=protected by law) without expressed, writen permission of the author of this blog is prohibited. This rule regards both text, photos, arts and any other content of this blog.

Publishing the data taken from this blog under a different name and usurpation of content's authorship is prohibited.

You can share the content of this blog in other web portals (Social Media) only by icons of AddThis System, that are placed in a footer of this blog and under each post (for newbies: Facebook, Twitter, Wordpress, Myspace etc. icons).

Quotation of Copyright Law parts:

Art. 115.
1. A person who usurps an authorship or mislead others about a real authorship of part or whole of somebody else's work or artistic creation, is subjected to fine, penalty of restricted liability or penalty of deprivation of liberty till 3 years of imprisonment

2. The same penalty is used for anyone who publicises somebody else's work or artistic creation in an original version or in the form of study without announcing name and last name or nickname of the creator, or publicly deforms such a work, artistic creation, phonogram, video or recording.

source:  Copyright Law est. 4th Feb 1994, Journal of Laws 1994 no. 24 pos. 83.

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