Kinga de Jongh [a.k.a. Nellis Eketorp] : I'm graphic artist and designer by occupation and choice, artisan by hobby, always set about doing many varied things, never being bored in my life. I'm interested in any kind of artistic activity - from regular painting (digital and traditional), through artistic craftsmanship, to theatre and performance. I'm also cursed to be a bookworm (in love with Discworld of Terry Pratchett), reading all my life and a computer games addict.

Usually I use acrylic or oil paints, water glue (used actually by carpenters) and decoupage specimen: crackle gels and varnishes (polyurethane or water varnish). My works are mainly recycled from many other materials (I never throw anything away). There are projects I use one pattern napkin only for.

I'm interested in art in retro meaning - art nouveau, vintage, gustavian (Swedish historic style of fashion, architecture, interior design and art), victorian and edwardian (as a big fan of Jane Austen's novels). In an opposition I'm also in love with history, mythology and art of viking and slavic age (early medieval) and some of my creations refer to them as well. Some of my works are also related to occult, shamanic, mystic, fantasy and esotheric topics - depends on my inspiration.

Currently I'm occupied by playing Lord of the Rings Online, but beside it I play any good RPG, RTS, Adventure or Shooter. I'm especially fond of dark thriller pont-and-click adventure games; also Bioware, Bethesda and Blizzard titles. I play Oblivion, Fallout and Mass Effect 2 for about 10th time already as well. I'm also a frequent visitor of Kongregate game portal. As a person of a certain age I remember times of Commodore 64 and Amiga and my first PC had less operating memory than my mobile nowadays.

In music preferences I'm a metalhead and electro addict, also listening to industrial, powernoise, goa and shamanic music. I like viking and slavic folk as well. I grew up under a strong heavy metal influence, then I began to listen to black metal and it lasts till present day. I'm fond of opera, however I don't listen to either gothic or symphonic metal. Another obvious thing is I can't stand radio music and I avoid it as much as I can. Instead of it I listen to any kind of electro body music, terror EBM, tribal industrial, future pop and with my clothing style I sometimes go into a metalhead black manner and sometimes into steampunk one.

I'm usually powered by cafe latte or earl grey and tasty dark chocolate. With eating inclinations I appear to be a sushi devourer and fish addict, loving Japanese & Chinese cuisine and Polish exquisite cooking traditions. I'm a big gourmet in this case :)

Privately I'm a happy wife of a creative photographer and graphic designer Jørundr, and a proud owner of a huge 43kg male alaskan malamute called Frodo :)

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