Golden anniversary

Wednesday, July 18, 2012
How to express respect for people who live together for 50 years already? I've been asked by my grandmother to make a nicely-looking congratulation card for such occassion. Her friend's friends are 50 years married next month. Considering the knowledge about names of each wedding anniversary that exist in world's tradition I decided to make a print on a sheet of golden paper, because 50-year anniversary is a golden one. I also wanted this card to be in form of a decorative scroll which is nicer than a typical folded A5 format and there's more space on a rolled A4 to write something from the heart, there's also more space for using stylish typography, ornaments and underprints.

I've printed my text on the golden piece of A4 paper, rolled it and added few things: first I took an ecru piece of vat paper (handmade paper) and a piece of grey linen. I wrapped it around the scroll and tied it all with a golden-brown ribbon.

Then I took needle and thread to sew some beads on the linen. I chose some golden-brown, brown and yellow beads that suited the rest of my design. The last part was printing a little ticket with names on the same vat (handmade) ecru paper, cutting it out, puncturing it, threading a straw ribbon and attaching it to my scroll. Looks pretty well :)

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