One of my favorite patterns... again

Monday, July 9, 2012
I've used this pattern once already to decorate two cobalt-blue wine bottles [see here: Cobalt-blue wine] and I had some of this pattern left for later, so I used it for a garden teapot. This teapot was red and old hence it needed a proper renewal:

I've painted red parts and some of black parts of the teapot white (white is always good ;)) and I scrubbed the paint on the edges. Now it has this vintage shabby-chic look like it was very old (in fact it's only 20 this year ;))...

And a close-up of this lovely filigree motive:

As teapot or watering can it'll be used in our garden now :) I think it fits to the environment perfectly ;)

And this is what stared to bloom few days ago, it's lobelia :)

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